Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sabra Hummus (with your personal touch)

Today was a left-over lunch kind of day.  Not bad at all though!  The other day I got some Sabra brand hummus (my favorite store-bought hummus).  As an after-lunch snack, I enthusiastically devoured a healthy serving with some pita.  I topped it off with a few slices of roasted garlic and knew that it was a piece of perfection sent from heaven.

It was so good that I decided that it was worthy of a photoshoot.  
Commence the photos!!

Sometimes I just don't feel like making my food.  That is where Sabra steps in!  
Just add some Olive Oil and your topping of choice to give it your own personal touch.

What do you like to eat with your hummus?

Que te vaya bien!

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