Friday, February 17, 2012

Purple Delicious Smoothies

Since I am struggling to stay on top of my workload for school, this post will be short and sweet (literally).

      Purple is one of my absolute favorite colors, so it is very appropriate that my smoothies usually end up being that color as well!  Typical ingredients in my smoothies are soy milk, apple juice, frozen fruit, agave nectar, walnuts or almonds, and cinnamon.

Both delicious AND heart healthy!

      Smoothies are a great way to add something sweet to your day.  They are also a great snack because they are full of vitamins and protein from the fruit and nuts!  They help boost my energy when I need some, or relax me when I'm stressed.  I make a smoothie at least every other day for all of these reasons and because I really just LOVE them :)

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What do you turn to in order to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Que te vaya bien!


  1. I used to be a chocolate-fiend to the tenth degree! Now my sweet tooth has turned to hard candy or gummies. So so bad!! Although I need to clean up my diet (I've made some headway) I don't think I could every be truly vegan, I love cheese! I just ate some actually. :) That, and bread. Oh my bread. I'm so proud of you Lydia!

  2. Aww Amanda thank you for reading!! It means so much to me :)
    I have a big sweet tooth as well and I have turned to smoothies in order to fulfill that for me. I love cheese too, and eggs, so now they are definitely things that I miss. I also love bread; but fortunately there are vegan breads out there, even at walmart! It just takes some extensive reading of ingredients in order to find them.

    For me, becoming vegan had to be solely through personal motivation and conviction. It took time and research before I was fully convinced, but now I feel amazing and would never dream of changing a thing :)