Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burritos

I just can't get over how amazing sweet potatoes and black beans are together!  

Yesterday I wanted to make my Sweet potato & Black Bean Enchiladas for lunch but I didn't have the enchiladas sauce, I had flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas, and I didn't have as many spices/ingredients.  So then I thought "well, what about taquitos instead?"  Sounded like a solid decision to me. Until my roommates made plans to go to the beach, a plan that I simply refuse to be left out of.

So in my rush, I threw some rice on the stove and cut out the baking part.  Instead of enchiladas or taquitos, they turned into sweet potato and black bean burritos!
Don't you just love how a few small steps can turn a food with similar ingredients, such as enchiladas, into something totally different, such as a burrito??

These are DELICIOUS!!!
 (and so cheap... and so healthy... they just keep getting better and better)

Originally I was not going to blog about this because I thought that I already had too many combinations of sweet potatoes and/or black bean recipes, but my friend insisted. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did (and will. There are still leftovers in my fridge).

Que te vaya bien!

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